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God does not require any of us to go through something we’re not prepared.  He spends an inordinate amount of time preparing us for what is coming and will not leave us wondering if we are able to go through it, and if we do have these thoughts, it is because of a lack on our part but certainly not on God’s part.  Each and every test or task should place encouragement within to assure us we’re able to handle this.  It doesn’t mean it will be pleasant or comfortable but it does mean we have been given all we need to get through the difficult moment facing us, and if we can only think in terms of time, future time, and say, “Six months, I will look back at this experience and see how He has brought me through”, then and only then, should we find the strength to go forward.

God doesn’t waste anything.  He didn’t waste time or effort when He created you.  He designed you in such a way He was able to smile and He is still smiling despite how you see yourself, because He is able to see the end from the beginning.  What you see formidable in front of you, God sees through it and you making your way toward Him as a proud father watches his child makes his first steps.  He’s given you every pep talk, with good sense and now you must have faith to begin the journey into what appears to be a fog of the unknown, and He will be waiting for you on the other side.

What we fail to notice; however, while going through the fog He is right there beside us!


When God prepares you for the task, it comes with a guarantee against failure.