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I have always believed there was a “calling” on my life for ministry.  The problem with a “calling” is being not always sure in what capacity you are being called; therefore, in my early years as an assistant church elder, I floundered going through the motions.  Oh sure, I was blessed with eloquence and studied great orators, and could put together a message captivating those who heard, but it was not filled with substance.  God would have to put me through His university in order to get the education He only could provide so in my later years I would be able to serve in the capacity He had in mind.

Having to go through addiction was perhaps the most painful and extremely difficult part of my life, next to now having financial problems and learning how to depend upon Him for my daily bread.  If I believe I am being called to ministry to assist those who, too, have fallen in addiction how could I possibly think of being able to help them without having gone through what they go through?  Even today I’m enrolled in the University of the Holy Spirit with a full course load of Dependency 101, and Faith 102 along with lab utilizing faith’s experience learned in the classroom.  Oh, it’s not easy but there is a day of graduation ahead and I intend to walk.

Those of you who are now going through your training in the same University but in various other satellite facilities, know God is preparing you so you can be of assistance to someone you will tutor along life’s path.


No one can tell your story like you, therefore, stop trying to be someone else.