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Many years are spent in developing a resume, by adding education and work experience making you a worthwhile candidate for whatever career path you wish to pursue.  I want you to know God is helping you develop a resume which He can use for service in His work!  For many, whatever qualifications you have may have to be placed in a lower category so He can bring out more important areas in your life meant for His consideration.  He may wish to emphasize you are an addict.  He may wish to emphasize you have a DUI or spent time in prison having a conviction.  He may wish to emphasize you are a registered sex offender because He has a job for you to do and being able to accomplish those positions will take a specialized resume He has designed in your life.

Whatever your situation do not look at the difficulty facing you but keep your position, where you are facing God, and allow Him to open doors He has prepared you for.  There is someone who needs to hear your testimony of how He saved you and brought you through where others are dead.  As a teacher who’s limit seems to be the classroom, whose time is spent in instructing others who will ascend heights which is anyone’s guess, and who should receive the credit but the lowly teacher who prepares for their next class.  Some of are called to be teachers of others and will help to prepare them for what we can no longer do.

Never be ashamed of how God has saved you.  If this is what it took to get your attention so you might be with Him for eternity, can you not say, it was worth it?


If God is taking you through something, it is to prepare you for a task you otherwise could never do.