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In my own personal devotion this morning I came across this statement:  “Doubting of the power and promise of God is the great thing that spoils the efficacy and success of faith.”  Here is my dilemma:  I believe God told me if I finished writing and publish my book, He would keep me from being homeless or hungry.  This is what I experienced while a drug addict.  Yet, God has now told me several weeks ago, “You will encounter a difficult time dealing with the second condition of your prayer, your ‘wallet’, yet the length of time will depend upon you remembering how I answered the first condition regarding your ‘health’”.  I know what He did bringing me through drug addiction but this last condition, my financial well-being, is difficult, very difficult.

I believe God has called me to ministry and not to work in the secular world.  In 1991, He showed me I would never return to the working world, as I knew it, but was going to have me involved in His work.  It seem today this is more and more the case as I cannot find work and not necessarily due to the economic condition of the world, but because He has determined my path.  Greater difficulty comes in not knowing what and how He will do for me when normal life’s expenses marches on.  So, reading the quote this morning has given me words of encouragement because “Doubting the Power” of God prohibits Him doing what He wants to do.

In recovery, you will encounter those who will not believe in what you are doing and it is not possible for them to understand what God is taking you through, because it is not for them, but for you.  Keep true to God and His Word and God will bring you through, but it will take standing on faith to accomplish this.  As I don’t know what God is doing for me—today, I know He is doing what is best and will never fail me.  I’ve seen too much to know He will never fail us.

God is the Creator of all mankind.  Seek His Word and knowledge you will find.

Vikki Blossom