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The Bible speaks about two blind beggars who pled for Christ to heal them while those around them sought to quiet them, yet they cried all the more and as a result of their crying out they received their sight.  For those of us caught in addiction there is strength when we come together and petition Christ for healing.  There is no power in catchy sayings and times when we agree to come together, but only in our application to Him, who is able to heal us from the burden of addiction.  God loves when people agree and come to Him, so how much more when we are suffering through the loss of ourselves, due to addiction, when we can come together, agreeing He is able to save us from such a horrible existence.

In the secular world they would have you believe you must come together for so many days in order to be stronger and many find themselves no better.  “Make 90 meetings in 90 days” and then the number increases because their purpose is to grasp you in their idea of overcoming what ails you.  Isn’t it a blessing to know those blind men weren’t counting days but counting upon the time when Christ would come, and here He is for they had heard of what He was able to do so they cried at the top of their voices so He wouldn’t pass them by, being unable to see Him.  We’re the same.  We must cry at the top of our voices for Him to see us as we are, blind, miserable and naked and in need of a blessing.

Do not stop crying out no matter how many tell you to shush, for healing is only a prayer away.  Find those who are of like belief and together send up your petition for healing and you will find your source of comfort, and healing in the One who has promised.


No one but God knows the pain of the addiction of my past.  How the drugs came first, but God came at last!

Vikki Blossom