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There comes a point in addiction when you, “make up your mind”, you’re not going to do this anymore, and the same goes for those who are not necessarily in substance abuse, but have their own bouts with problems.  The faster you come to this conclusion the better off you will be:  “You’re not the one who is able to stop.”  That’s it!  You can make up your mind to stop but you’re not the one who actually does the stopping.  God does it through you; but, He needs a willing person whose mind is made up, they’re not going to continue in the way they have been.

All of the games, because this is exactly what they are, “games” about pasting notes, destroying works (paraphernalia), separating money, counting hours/days/weeks/months/years, none of these things work in and of itself.  The fact you stopped involved God granting you grace.  You can call it “the program”, “drug ministry” or anything else but the truth is, God is doing it through you, but it is the result of “making up your mind” you do not want to do this.  Once you have made up your mind, God is able to bring about what you desire in order to satisfy this decision.  You will notice when temptation comes and there’s more resolve not to fail and because your mind is made up, God is there supporting your decision.

I’ve heard people say, “addiction is the hardest thing to stop” and they’re nearly right, but addiction is “sin” and it is because we are sinful creatures and it is so much a part of our character, we enjoy it so much, this is why it is difficult.  No man on earth, no devices or places can prevent man from sinning, but God, and He can only do it when you’ve, “made up your mind”, to stop sinning and want to be blessed.


A “made up mind” is our part. “Stopping” is God’s.