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There is too much stress in life because of various circumstances:  health, finances, employment, family relations and life in general so we should learn to “seek peace” with those around us as well as within ourselves.  When all of this comes to an end there will be that time when it’ll be just you and God and will you be able to find peace?  None of the stuff you thought was so important and worth fighting over will mean anything other than having peace within your heart.  Think about it, not one bit of this we’re stressing over today has any relevance when it comes to your soul salvation.  If you should die today, wouldn’t everything go on without skipping a beat?  So, what’s the point of allowing it to stress you?

There is nothing, absolutely nothing like peace.  If you should find it with others then you have attained something quite beautiful and even better if you should find it within yourself.  If there is something bothering you today and it involves someone with whom you can have a reasonable conversation, then do it.  Don’t put it off when you can work toward a peaceful resolution of whatever it is that is disturbing your life.  Give it your best effort and be willing to be hurt—again, if that’s what it takes to find peace in the long run.

One of the fastest ways to relapsing is allowing stressful situations in your life to overwhelm you.  You are the one who can control what affects you or not.  You have that much power so don’t put it in the hands of others who mean you no good.


The fastest way to having peace in your life is by using Peace.