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After being blessed with such a great victory over my first battle, willingly given to God regarding finances, Satan would rear his ugly head with an attack.  He’s not happy when we are and when we’re making headway against him, he will try again, and again, and again to take us down, but we serve such a great God who knows how to handle him.  So, take the lump which is coming but recognize whatever scratch he’s able to put on you, it’s nothing but character building material.  Whenever God grants you a blessing expect the enemy to make his appearance.

In my message this past weekend I mentioned how Christians are the only soldiers who are wounded by backbiting, spiteful, revengeful and just plain mean fellow-soldiers who claim to do all things “in the name of the Lord”, in the barracks, even before any battle is waged on the battlefield!  Instead of rejoicing in the blessings given to one, we’re quick to allow animosity to build within ourselves and because we are not happy, we want those around us who seem to be, brought down to where we are.  Some will blame Satan but I believe in these cases Satan steps out the room because individuals like these will move on their own volition to try and cause pain.

When you are making progress in your life as evidence by the victories won, never allow those of the past or present control what God is able to do for your future.


Don’t let your future get trapped in your past.  Satan’s only goal is to bring us down fast.

Vikki Blossom & Roy