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I needed a miracle.  My phone carrier called on Monday agreeing to seven days in order to come up with the payment of a $402 phone bill.  I needed $272, minimum, and told the company representative, “Unless I receive a miracle, you will be disconnecting my phone.”  I need my phone.  Later in the day, a friend who didn’t know of my situation called asking would I consider speaking for a church this coming Saturday.  I agreed.  God whispered in my ear, “You be faithful and see what I will do for you.”  I’m happy to report after speaking at this church they blessed me with enough not to only pay the minimal but the entire bill!  The following day, on Tuesday, a person perceived as my enemy, called to apologized, asked me to escort them to a grocery store and offered to pay for my food!  God used this phone to provide for me so it makes sense for Him to provide a way in order to keep it.

Learning to let God, now, be in charge of my financial concerns, just as I learned to let Him take charge of my health, has proven Himself to be faithful.  There would be no way I would have gotten such a huge phone bill to begin with but He permitted this to occur to demonstrate His power on my behalf.  God wants to provide for His children, as a good Father, but we are not often good children who will let Him.  We believe our “free will” is really an independence apart from Him, which is wholly untrue.  Our “free will” is to be exercised to learn how to rely upon Him, totally.  Therefore, God will often remove things from our life so we can learn how to be dependent upon Him.  He does not want to be excluded from any aspect of our lives.

Whatever situation demands you call (pray) to your Father for support and assistance, do not ever hang up the phone until after you have given thanks.


God loves to hear from us, but it will take us making the call.