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In a few hours I will stand before a congregation of people and do what many of us would never think to do, I will be, “Telling It All”.  What am I talking about?  I meant what I said; I will be, “Telling It All”!  Many of our problems are the result of pride, shame and fear and we refrain from letting those who are supposed to be our brothers and sisters knowing about us, which keeps them from praying for us, or if they do pray, haven’t a clue what to pray about so their prayers are generic and without power.  The Bible says the “Fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much”, and I doubt a righteous man can have fervency if he doesn’t know what the problem is, therefore, there is no power in the prayer, and hence the problems remain.

God has put us here to help, encourage, and work together to get us into the Kingdom where He is.  None of us were meant to work at this alone and especially within the Church, week after week we come and leave just as we have arrived and our lives remain the same.  This is an absolute shame.  God has given me a mandate to tell others what He has done for me and how can I do so if I am not willing to put myself in the position, with His help bringing opportunities for “Telling It All”.  No, I am not proud of those things I’ve done in my past, but I’m grateful they are in my past because of what He has done for me in my life.  We don’t seem to remember we have an enemy who is trying to destroy us, and in most cases those things we have done were not our creation but his intent on carrying out his purpose, therefore what are we ashamed of?

Whether you’ve dealt with addiction or addicted still to something. Whether you’re struggling with a sexual problem, or having financial problems, or there is something in your life which is keeping you from living a life of peace, it first begins with “Telling It All” to God, and “Telling It All” to those God has put around you, for it is through them God is able to bring about results.


Good or bad times, this is a fact, God will always have your back.

Vikki Blossom