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A conversation with a woman who offers advice on addiction stated, “It is impossible for healing to take place.  Once an addict always an addict”, and ends by saying she has a relationship with God.  Now the question one would have to ask, “Do you believe God can heal addiction?”  Or, perhaps a better question, “Can He do it or won’t He do it?”  She also stated having a daughter addicted so perhaps this is where her frustration lies because of the belief she’s under, the pain presented to her, from the devil of whom she believes, did affect her daughter with addiction, but doesn’t believe in a God powerful enough to remove the devil from her daughter’s life and along with it, addiction, unless, in her own words, one “strives” and deal with it the remainder of their life.  Here’s a newsflash:  “Striving” to remain free from addiction isn’t healing at all, just “striving”!

I asked her regarding healing for cancer or AIDS.  She states, “No, because they can always catch cancer again or AIDS.”  With this kind of logic, no wonder treating an addict is often hopeless because the message you’re telling an addict is, “There is no hope for you, not unless you strive!”   I submit to you:  When God heals, He does a thorough job.  There is no recurrent condition of whatever He healed unless, and let me emphasize, “unless” the individual rejects the condition upon which God has healed them.  God does not do any job “half-baked”.  So, perhaps we’re saying the same thing and maybe its semantics getting in the way, but I have to believe God heals.  He did it when here and is still doing it today, and I’m a witness of this power.

She concluded, “Unless a person has a sponsor, attends meetings, there is no chance of recovery” which sort of contradicts itself.  You’re saying first there is no “recovery” at all, but now unless you have a sponsor, another addict, and attend meetings, with addicts, you stand a chance of recovery?  Questionable at best.  No, I think I’ll continue to use the same semantically charged language and say, “My Sponsor is Jesus and my meetings are on my knees.”  Now, there’s a remedy for addiction if ever there was one.  God not only can heal, but does heal.


When you’ve stopped believing in the power of God, there’s no power in your life.