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Coming home from prison was a special day for me. My family, who I have done such unspeakable things due to my addiction, came to Chowchilla to meet me.  I am blessed God is restoring my family. I am greatly thankful.  I am also thankful for going to prison!  If it wasn’t for God’s drastic way getting my attention, I would likely be dead.  My addiction, was leading me into such ruthless behavior and attitude.

When we look back on all of the struggles and near death experiences while using, God still had His finger on us.  He wanted us then like He wants us now.  What the devil meant for evil, God used for good.  Clean-living is not an easy ride.  Always remember to keep your eyes on Jesus.  Don’t trip up and turn to the left or the right, just keep your eyes on Jesus.

God’s grace and His mercy saved us.  Going to prison saved my life.  We should no longer spend idle time seeking drugs but should use it seeking Christ.  Prison brought me to my knees calling out to the Father to “Save me”.  He wrapped His loving arms around me and said “I got you”.  Today, be thankful in all trials, tests you are going through to get connected to our loving Savior.  He gets all the praise.  We should no longer put our time into drugs; but put it into the Word of God.

So give thanks in all He has done.  Even when locked in rundown hotel rooms smoking drugs, give thanks.  When we stole from loved ones, give thanks.  When drugs were more important than life itself, give thanks.  Give thanks because God took the most destructive and life threatening situation in our life and turned it to His glory and for this be thankful.  – Vikki Blossom



My secular choices pointed me down hill.  Redirect in faith, through Christ, I will.

 — Quincy Blossom


Note: Vikki is my god-daughter who despite the many warnings and helps offered had to make the trip to prison in order to get her life turned around.  Prison, if used for the true intent of its establishment, can be just the place someone needs before their life can be made better.  It worked for me, too!  In fact, it was in prison I got the idea to create “The Addict’s Devotional”. Her son, Quincy, 12, supplied the closing quote.