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For those who’ve started in the beginning and have kept the fight going and to those who have stumbled along the way, I’d like to say, we’re in the closing stretch, together.  It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are or have been, whether success or failure at some point, today we celebrate the same day and have the same goal and this is remaining clean from all abuse of substances.  Whether life has you living in a mansion, apartment or cardboard box; whether you are employed in a great position, work as a temp or day laborer, or unemployed, at the end of the day, after a game of Chess, both the king and the pawn lie together in the same box.  We’re together in this fight against addiction.

I encourage you to continue having faith and believe your battle is soon to be over.  I am grateful I do not think about using nor have urges common to us at this stage of my being recovered.  They said it would come and they were right and your turn will come, too; but you must get up when knocked down.  You must continue moving forward never taking a second to be comfortable in even a passing thought.  If you’ve made it through this day, then celebrate my days because it’s a fight you do not fight alone.  I celebrate with you in your effort because I know. I understand.  We understand.

Let’s together make this last month of this particular year one victorious moment for all.  It promises to be a difficult one, for some, no, for many, but although toward the end celebrations will be had and for many this will put us in a position to be hurt, let’s begin now to determine our efforts of ending this year in victory.


We don’t count the days, but the days do count.