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We may not be sure of what will happen to us when some of us leave those places which have housed us to help us on our road to recovery.  For those of us who are not addicted to substances, we are finding ourselves unsure of how to receive those who are coming back to us, or, we have our own set of problems; unsure of our finances, our employment.  It seems there is nothing certain regarding us and what will happen to us, but we can rest in this one thought: although we cannot be sure about anything, we can be certain God is.  God is.

There is no frustrating God.  He is quite well aware of whatever is happening to us and going on inside us.  There is nothing which gets by Him and there is no surprising Him where He has to go into immediate action regarding us.  He has seen our beginning and our ending in this life, and has already made provision for you.  This is not to say you will always enjoy what happens but through it all there will be a lesson learned which will enable you to know He cares for you despite the obstacles thrown your way.  For some, it will seem this is the time the enemy will triumph but it will not last always.  Testing has never been a pleasant experience but it is necessary to have it in order to grow.  This may be your time of testing.  This is your time to grow.

Although you are unsure of what will happen rest assured God has you exactly where He wants you—now, and is bringing you along to where you will be exactly where you desire to be in the end.


Grow strong in the Word and stay firm in your faith.  You will find your life has not been for waste.

Vikki Blossom