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I have a niece and nephew, actually my godson and his sister, from a family closer to me than my own whose lives are going astray, mostly due to substance abuse.  I had an opportunity speaking to each one asking, “Why do you feel it necessary to compete with me?  I have ruined my life because of addiction and you’ve seen my rise and fall, seen how difficult for me to make a living today, living from the hand of others and sharing my story in a book and public speaking, praying the offering will be substantial enough for me not to worry for another day, so why is it you know all of this and yet wish to compete with me?  Why is it you wish to have a sorrier story than I?  Can you not learn by Uncle’s experience and make the decision to learn by his mistakes?”

As a child sitting in the backseat of my grandmother’s car, I remember her talking with her friend about a mutual acquaintance which ruined his life, about the age of forty, and I’m thinking to myself, not truly understanding the conversation, but I remember thinking, this was something not good and I didn’t want it to happen to me.  Perhaps those words heard as a child became a fulfilling prophecy of my own!  Why was it necessary for me to compete with someone I never knew but only heard of?  I can imagine Jesus observes us and inquires similarly, “Why do you wish to compete with Me for the pain and suffering I did for you?  Why not let Me carry the load and you go about having a happier life than the one you are currently living?  I will make it so, if You let me.”

Certainly life would come with its difficulties but why is it we are so hesitant to let go of the pain?  Why do we chase after sorrow?  Why can’t we learn to find an easier way to live?  Perhaps it is age or wisdom but I’m tired of competing and now wish to have my remaining years to be peaceful ones.  Let’s make today the beginning of entering into a rest which is ours, if only, we believe.


Shame and guilt will keep you insane. Give it to God and blessings you will gain.

Vikki Blossom