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When I challenged God in 1987 to prove to me who He was but not touch two things (my two gods), my health and my wallet, He permitted my falling into drug addiction and now restored me, qualifies dealing with my first god.  My second god, my wallet, I’ve come to understand yesterday by incredible insight, He’s now answering this issue.  Of late, you have heard me lament my despair with not having suitable work, or income, and my fear of being displaced, a fancy word for being homeless.  Yet, in my personal devotion, I came across this phrase:  “Christ could as easily have commanded a bag of money as a piece of money; but he would teach us not to covet superfluities, but, having enough for our present occasions  therewith to be content, and not to distrust God, though we live but from hand to mouth. Christ made the fish His cash-keeper; and why may not we make God’s providence our storehouse and treasury? If we have a competency for today, let tomorrow take thought for the things of itself.” I was so affected by these words I knew I would have to write this devotion.

For so long I’ve depended upon “work” in order to live.  As long as IBM was open and sending out checks, I didn’t worry at all about anything.  IBM, work, was my god.  Just as God had to send my other chosen god, my health, into a downward spiral due to addiction, however saved me, now He’s working with me in answering the second condition of my statement, demonstrating He’s more than capable of providing for my needs!  Although having not worked in thirteen months and not being incarcerated, I’ve not missed one meal, nor slept outside.  Isn’t this a tremendous affirmation of Him hearing and answering prayer; although it is not always the way we would consider or see readily but nonetheless He’s faithful.

I would encourage each of you who have read these words to take a moment to see if God is not answering prayer in your life already, but you’re just not seeing how He’s doing it.


What work we do at Christ’s command, brings its own pay along with it.