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Speaking with a dear friend and sharing my frustrations of late, she mentioned Calvary’s experience.  I said, “Not to diminish what Christ has done for me, but sometimes I wish I could climb up on that cross.”  Not I was equal to what Christ had done but so I could feel closer to Him while I go through what it is I’m going through, yet in truth, as He couldn’t see His Father’s presence with Him, I am having a difficult time seeing His presence with me.  Doubt has begun to enter my mind wondering if I am called to this ministry of helping addicts because I’m beginning to be too focused on how I am going to make a living.

I was blessed by the saying, “God uses people who struggle with their own issues and saves them by involving them in ministry.”  I then looked at events of my past and can see how each step was bringing me to where I am now, yet, I struggle.  I struggle because I cannot see my future, but who can?  I believe, even now, I received a moment of inspiration and I’ll share it with you:  God promised if I wrote and printed my book, I would never be hungry or homeless.  How can I know this to be true unless I’m facing the possibility of hunger and homelessness and can witness later how He brought me through?  God doesn’t promise you gold if you already have gold.

You must keep this in mind and when I speak to you I’m speaking to myself, we have a God who loves us and won’t allow anything to happen to us, which He has not prepared by weighing the quality of our character against the circumstance, which will solidify the strength of our being because He knows how He made us.  If you’re not up on a cross or carrying one it’s because you’re lost already!


When I was in the street my soul was gone. I prayed to my Father, please make me strong.

Vikki Blossom