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My dear God-daughter, Vikki, who is assisting me in writing this book will be released from prison in two days.  One of the words of counsel given to her, by me, was upon release she will be faced with difficulties dealing with substance abuse more than previously and she should be prepared for this.  How do I know?  It was the same for me and thousands of us who go into prison directly relating to substance abuse.  Just because you found God and claim He healed you doesn’t mean there aren’t difficult days ahead.  No, quite the contrary.  There will be formidable days ahead, but there is never an excuse for failure or even a slip-up which man call “relapse”.

We must remember there is an enemy lurking about who wants to destroy us.  Even Christ’s disciples who were with Him witnessed the attack against the Master so what could they expect to receive, and now us?  Does being attacked by urges and temptation to use mean you are not healed?  No, it means the enemy is not pleased with your progress.  He wants you to believe the lie you are still the same and there is no hope for you, when you know what God has done and promised.  Let not the enemy, or man, take this away from you.  Man, being even family and friends, who will not agree with your being healed.

Overcoming means not having to struggle alone anymore.  It means knowing you have the power within you to overcome everything which is thrown at you.  It means the way you’re standing now is the way you’ll be standing in the end, but you must go through the difficult days which will only make you stronger.  “Overcoming” means to “come over” all the best efforts of the enemy by not letting him put you down.  Just keep coming over and the struggle will always be behind you.


Overcoming all obstacles in your life, will soon find you stepping over into the Kingdom.