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For many weeks I received responses of encouragement from those inspired by my writings regarding overcoming addiction but of late, my email has been quiet.  The tenor of my latest writings have struck hard at the notion man is able to help man in overcoming addiction, which is not true.  I’ve exposed the fallacy and called it “foolishness” and compared it with the only support system, God, which is tried and tested and found to be true.

So, why are you not writing to say “Amen” to this when I share with you what was ultimately to be arrived at:  your way is not true but keeps you holding on?  Why is it you are afraid to jump fully onto this type of recovery which frees you totally from which has held you under a burden so long? Have you been so long in this way you are unable to “let go and truly let God” take control of your recovery?  Are you afraid by no longer remembering the pain and daily assaults of your life, it will no longer have meaning because you need no longer the support and memory by those associates you’ve known so long, attending meetings and support groups?  Are you so afraid of being able to find complete restoration of life and live under a newness, or is it because you do not trust God or believe He is able to do what He says He will do?  Answer me this question:  Who are you putting your trust in if you are an addict or family and friend of an addict?  God or man?

Do not be disappointed because I tell you the truth.  Truth does not need the support of others because it stands alone and by its own merits.  Do not be disappointed you will have to say good-bye to that which you thought was the right way when all along you’ve not found true happiness and freedom, but you’ve tasted such but are afraid to reach out to God without a so-called medium.  Remember this, to experience God fully one must allow God full control of the experience.


There is no other way to true clean-living (sobriety) than through God.