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You have heard me mention, time and time again, regarding “faith” as the mainstay of my own ability to experience not only healing but continued clean-living experience.  What exactly is this “faith” which enables me to stand against such a strong foe as addiction and speak so strongly in support of it, against those who rather trust their fellowmen for their sobriety?  Faith is a quality, a tangible essence believing what God said He would do, He has done so already, and because I believe He has healed me from my addiction to substances like crack cocaine, He honors me by doing it.  My continued success in not succumbing to any future urges and opportunities is given to the same “faith” which broke me away from using in the first place.  It is not “me” as much as it is “Him in me”.  You have to believe He will and has.

Those who cannot accept my faith-based healing, in truth, do not accept Him.  To accept Him is to accept what He says He is able to do for you.  There is no relying on secondary forces or having a backup plan in case this one fails, for He can never fail.  I’m learning this lesson in another area of my life.  I expected to have received something in my account to continue my day-to-day living, but it did not arrive.  This doesn’t hamper me in cutting back in how I’m living today because this would be evidence I don’t trust what I believe He has told me, “Live as though you have received it already”, and this is true faith, to which He can and will honor.

It is truth which the Scriptures say, “Without ‘faith’ it is impossible to please Him” and true “worship” comes only by faith and truth.  It is truly sad to see those struggling claiming addiction is a life-long issue, if they would only step out in faith, the struggle would end today.

Thinking of my past brings tears to my eyes, how the devil had me and I was about to die.

Vikki Blossom