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Many are the questions I’m asked regarding my belief in overcoming addiction.  They challenge whether or not its validity because it goes counter what they’re doing for themselves.  They cite statistics and quotations from the most learned professors in the field of addiction, trying to establish their way, as flawed as it might be, and do not hide this fact, but this is the best way! Yet, I, not in an outwardly challenge but merely profess to them, “Why is it you wish to take upon yourselves a flawed method of sobriety when there is one guaranteed not to fail, if only you just believe?”  Normally the response is, “One method does not work for all.”  I’m here to tell you, “It does!”

This is fact:  Anyone who genuinely comes to the Great Healer Himself has never failed to receive what they’ve petitioned.  This is fact:  All those who seek the way of man might sustain the ability to “not pickup” but is this guaranteed?  Is addiction comprised of merely using but not getting the problem corrected?  Was the problem only in the “using”? Man will always try to do something separate from God who is more than willing to help.  Whatever man will do will never equal what God is able to do and it is for certain, and those societies, (NA/CA/AA/Al-anon) will admit there is no cure, but God promises there is, for certain, a cure—Him.

Those secular groups say, “You must work a program…”  I don’t.  I don’t need to be reminded daily of what I used to do.  I have come to realize as long as I stay with Him, He provides all I need to be whole.  He’s given me a gift and will stand by this gift.  Those who choose to stand by any other method have to acknowledge, short of God being involved, it cannot stand.

Teach me Your word, Lord, show me the way.

Vikki Blossom