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Yesterday, I wrote if God isn’t in the middle of a relationship, then He cannot bless.  After a day spent in prayer and fasting, God showed me how my own relationship of late was not something He was involved with and how, using the past few devotionals written, by me, how I, too, was deceived, needed forgiveness and second chances and now I am experiencing the joy of liberty, being freed from what could have been a disastrous life-long problem.  It is now apparent to me when God Himself does not bring together people who have the same common and mutual respect of Him, then the relationship is doomed to fail.  I hasten to say this is absolute truth when it involves persons who have a personal relationship with Him.  Those who do not, I cannot and will not address because your problem encounter other issues.

People everywhere are looking for someone to love them and to be loved.  This is a need implanted within us, by God, and can only be fully satisfied, by God.  Whenever we begin a relationship and it is not involving Him or its origin is based on lust, we cannot expect Him to correct what began in sin.  We will continue to struggle and fight within ourselves wondering why we are having such difficulties when we really need to sit back and discover, removing the blinders, and see what is truly apparent:  we made a mistake.  This type of mistake can only be made better if we are brave enough to separate ourselves from the other person, but unfortunately many of us will make excuses and continue to exist in miserable lives because we are afraid of being alone.  I’ve seen it time and time again, but this will not be mine.

Today, I will make the effort to share with the other person “our” error.  I will seek to ask for forgiveness to see if friendship can remain but it is for certain we cannot progress any further in the way it has begun.  This takes courage and the willingness to hurt and be hurt, but it is only through admitting our mistakes and taking steps to move in the right direction can we find liberty.

To finally experience freedom from a wrong committed, is to be able to admit we’d made a mistake.