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I have often heard the cry of many, “What is God doing?  How come I am having all these problems?  Why is God silent?” and these unheard prayers will continue as long as people persist in living in a way God does not, and cannot approve.  God cannot bless you if your living situation goes against what He has taught in His Word.  If you are living in an adulterous (where one or both are or have been married and not divorced in the way He has specified), or in a fornication lifestyle (where there are sexual relations and you are not married in the way He has specified), or in a homosexual (two persons of the same sex) then do not look for God to bless you and rescue you from your problems until you are willing to acknowledge your impure lifestyle and come out of it.

I learned a great lesson from my brother when he was asked to pray for someone who was suffering illness and he responded, “What shall I pray for?  This person lived a lifestyle knowing what was wrong and persisted in eating improperly and not caring for himself.  He is paying the consequences of his decision.  Why would God remove from him what he has brought upon himself?”  If you are involved with an addict and you’re suffering from what is occurring in your life, examine your lifestyle and see if there is a problem which need first correcting before God is able to set things aright.

We are the product of our environment.  If we have knowingly gone about and done wrong why expect God to rectify our choices?  We have a first choice of making things right by removing ourselves from it and then and only then can God give us the desires of our heart.

Satan is a liar and wants to take my soul; but God has a plan for me Satan didn’t want me to know.

Vikki Blossom