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You cannot be responsible for what someone tries to hand you but you are fully responsible for what you accept.  One of the most difficult aspects of any addiction is the deception used against those who are unknowing, but the ongoing deception practiced against those who are quite aware they’re dealing with an addict is perhaps the saddest.  It is truly sad when they’re allowing themselves to fall, time and time again, into the wiles of persons unable to control themselves, because of whatever excuses they use to justify why they permit themselves to be continually taken.  Being gullible or naive is not the term which satisfies a description but foolish is more fitting!

If you are involved with an addict on any level you must have a modicum of trust and a warehouse full of common sense.  What appears to be unreasonable in lieu of what you have already experienced, should be suspect.  Trust is earned over a period of time and for you to continually give it because of something in you, lack of strength and courage and common sense, does not help the addict but continues to assist them in their addiction and you are just as much as the problem as the substance itself.  This is a very difficult process for those who are involved with an addict except having been one and are aware of the methods used.

The best you can do is to separate yourself from them.  They need to be forced to find their own way toward health and this applies to you, too.  You know the adage, if a dog bites you the first time it could be accounted the dog’s fault but twice bitten it will be your own.  You are more than aware he bites and by allowing yourself to be bitten again, and again, and again shows an idiocy not normal and you need to seek treatment yourself as to why you feel obligated to be deceived.

Deception is more than the slight of hand of the practitioner, it’s the willingness of the fooled to be a fool.