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Some would question if the water congealed under his feet or was the law of gravity suspended.  I have come to believe: it is not a matter of “how” God did it as much as “that” He did it.  We are often denied blessings because we are looking in the wrong direction.  We are not able to understand how He is sustaining us therefore we question if we are being sustained, and just maybe it is due to our being creative.  The point being, if we could explain how and what He is doing, for us, there would be no need for faith.  Isn’t it interesting a testimony is shared “after the fact” and never before?

How many of us are having our own “walking on the water” and not cognizant of it?  How many of us are getting to point B from point A and spend too much time in trying to understand and explain it when we should just be thankful?  How many of us will never get anywhere because we don’t quite understand where we are now and can’t see the progress already made in our lives?  I’m learning, daily now, to walk and live by faith and I can surely understand Peter’s concern when by taking his eyes off Christ he began to sink.  When I try to evaluate what is happening “to me” this is when I begin to sink instead of concentrating of what is happening “for me”.   God is carrying me and this should be enough information to give Him thanks.

For addicts or friends and loved ones of addicts, stop worrying about “how” God is accomplishing clean-living in your life and accept the fact “that” He is doing it.  What He is doing cannot ever be explained using scientific terms because if it were truly scientific then science could duplicate it and they will never be able to accomplish this.  Notice when Peter was rescued from sinking, He gave thanks and worshiped.  He never asked, “How?”

I need you, Lord, in my life, that I may learn to do what is right.

Vikki Blossom