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How many are given something we had not had before and yet we are not “thankful” because of something contained within?  Let me give you a recent situation in which I was just now convicted.  I don’t cook for myself and yet often crave a good, hot, home-cooked meal from time to time, and God has provided someone in my life who does this on her own accord, rather, by His providential moving upon her.  On this one occasion, when I opened it I was overwhelmed by the aroma of onions and everybody knows I don’t do onions, even this person, yet I recovered the dish, placed in the refrigerator and went out and got my regular wings and fries, not hardly as healthy as what I now had in the fridge and certainly not prepared with the care and love proffered!  God has promised to provide for our needs, not our wants.

Any good deed done for us should be received in “thankfulness”.  In fact, we should learn to be “thankful” even for the bad times believing God permitted it for a reason and has made provision to bring us out if we can go through whatever it is with patience and trusting in Him.  Being “thankful” means to be “full of thanks” to Him for all He does for us, even by the hand of others who He has brought into our little sphere of life.  Just as those onions would not kill me, I could just as easily pick them out and still enjoyed what was given to me but it didn’t need to be “thanked” in the face of the person and then begrudged when not in their presence.  This is the conviction, too, I suffered.

God is not concerned about our comfort as much as He is concerned about our welfare.  God blesses us while in the using not in the hoarding.  I could have hoarded up all the wings and fries the restaurant could have given me, but it would not have equaled the blessing and satisfaction provided in just the one serving given by the love of God.