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Those were the words I shared with my fiancée.  At first glance some would not think this would be very complimentary but the fact is, ever since I’ve gotten engaged, there has been problem after problem, after problem, and the amazing fact is, as long as I kept my focus on her as the source of the problem there would be bitterness and retaliation, but when I kept the focus on me, there would be pain and acknowledging there needed to be a change—in me.

When God puts people together, the qualifier here is when “God” does it, He does it for a purpose to bring about the ultimate good; but, in order for this to take place, He needs to get rid of the filth, crude and evilness harboring inside the individual which goes undetected because of living isolative lives.  We’re comfortable with ourselves because it is who we are but when coupled with someone, we are shown there are parts of our being, our character which is not suitable not only for our current life but the life to come, so this is how God chooses to expose those problems, to bring them to the surface so they’re able to be dealt with and gotten rid of.

We need overhauling in so many areas of our lives.  This requires a commitment to change and in many cases it will be very painful to make these changes because we’ve learned to be comfortable with them.  So, if your loved one is driving you crazy, think for a moment what is it in them which reminds you of yourself?  What is God trying to get you to see about you while you’re in that moment of anger and discontent?  What needs to be changed in your life to make you agreeable to Him, others and yourself?  The pain you’re experiencing should not be directed outward to the other person but inward where it has originated; and I can guarantee you this, whatever it is you’re going through, the one who caused it is going through a little something as well, because you’re bringing to the surface things about themselves which need correcting.  Love is truly a “two-way” street.

Love can be found on a “two-way” street.  Just don’t lose it on the highway.