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Today, I just finished speaking to a congregation in Brooklyn and prior to speaking I always ask first, of God, what it is He wants me to say?  It came across loud and clear when He said, “Tell them what I did for you.”  So, that’s exactly what I did.  So many are so into themselves trying to appear more than what they are and for me this doesn’t work anymore.  It was my ego which got me into trouble before so now I choose to do what I believe God would have me to do, and say, today.  I told them how He saved me through drug addiction.

This afternoon, more of the same except I will share with these people who have not heard what you have heard already for those of you who follow my devotional writings.  This word must get out so people might have hope and encouragement and no longer fear addiction the end of their lives and existence.  We don’t have to suffer any longer and can live lives devoid of addiction of any kind, if we believe.  Just as we believed the dealer held the best stuff for us, we can believe there is a God who is more than able to heal us from addiction, free and clear of ever having to return.  Why is it we don’t want to accept we can be free when deep in our hearts we truly desire it?

Today, you can hear God’s voice and receive His healing in your life.  Today, you do not have to go any further suffering the way you have in the past.  Today, can end all of this if only you would just believe.

It IS a matter of belief for this is the ingredient of “FAITH”.  If you believe you are not an addict, you can end what was once true.