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So often listening to someone who is struggling with addiction or those family and friends whose loved one is addicted and don’t know what to do, so they ask questions; and when given the advice of experience they walk away sadly because it is not what they want to do, it makes me sad to see them continuing in a walk they don’t want to take at all, because they were unable to decide to follow the experience of another.  God has given us for the other because we will need each other in order to overcome many of the difficulties of life.  You cannot do this on your own and thankfully there have been others who have gone through what you are experiencing now, so why suffer to the same extent when you can learn by others how to circumvent the pain?

If you are able to ask the question to someone you trust and hear the advice given because you realize they’ve gone through the problem before, why refuse to listen and follow-through with what you know is truth?  Why is it you will allow yourself to continue suffering when you do not have to?  What makes you think you will be different and create a new way which no one else has done before you?  In the cycle of addiction, whether you are in Texas, or New York, or even Puerto Rico, it is the same and it will not be any different for you because you are you.  It will be the same but what could be different is to listen and follow the advice of those before you because it just makes sense; but unfortunately, this is where many will not use common sense.

Experience is such a wonderful teacher if only the student will come to respect her and treat her as a dear friend.  The best we could ever do for ourselves when we struggle is to listen to someone who has done this before, and follow their words to avoid being in the same mess as long, or longer, than they did.

If you are still in pain even after hearing the answer, it’s because you hadn’t listened to your own question.