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In my own personal devotional today I read where Christ’s family were outside and asked to speak with him and Christ told those who interrupted his service, “My family are these people right here.”  Sometimes we’re under the impression by being blood relations we should have “Carte Blanc” with each other, but the truth is, we don’t.  I have two couples, who are very dear friends, and the saying, “Closer than a brother” would definitely apply to them.  It is this friendship I’ve had with them, all of these years, which have made them a part of my family.

No matter how dark my life became or how hopeless my future might seem, these friends were right there encouraging me to go forward and I know they prayed and still are, for me.  It is these types of relationships which give the motivation and encouragement to know, “Together, we can do this!”  They also recognized the end goal in this thing we call “life” and that is to make it into the Kingdom of God.  Nothing else really matters other than this.  I’m grateful I’m not alone in this world, although there were many days and weeks when it might have felt that way.

If I could leave an encouraging word for you today it would be to let you know, “Together we can do this.”  Whether you’re an addict or family and friend of an addict, we all need to know, we’re not alone.

I was a prisoner in my own mind; kept in darkness, no hope to find.  Till God made me to see a promise, that together we can do this!

Vikki Blossom & Roy