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…bringing us closer and closer to the day when all of our problems will be over.  Whatever you are dealing with today does have an ending point.  Whatever fear you’re experiencing will end one day.  Although we’d like to think today would be the day, and it could, just rest knowing we are all headed toward that moment in time when it is finished and together, forever, we will be living an existence we have been promised by God, who has never failed to keep a promise.

Yesterday I reached out because of my own personal struggle.  So many reach out to me and I am grateful to have such an honored responsibility to help people keep their focus on that day; however, even the well runs dry and I, too, need to remember the encouragement I give to others and today it is the thought, “Each day passes….bringing me closer and closer to the day when all of my problems will be over.”

I heard from so many people in various ways but the wonderful part of it all was hearing the voice of God in those voices.  He used you for me just as He uses me for you and I was blessed to know I’m not alone.  We need each other in order to make it.  I believe this is why He has brought certain of us together, for each other, and we should make use of it.  I may never meet most of you in this life but it is for certain I will in that day when relationships will be strengthened, hugs will be shared, and joy had because the struggle has been completed and we did it together.  So, let’s enjoy this particular day we have now and recognize it is soon to pass into our history bringing us closer and closer to the day when God will say to all of our issues, no matter what they are: “It is finished.”

When you’re seeing problems ahead of you, it’s because you’re not looking far enough to see the blessing just beyond.