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The classic question is asked, “Why does God permit struggles and tragedy?” is often answered, “This is when people draw closer to Him and pray.”  And, it is so true.  When things are going well in our life we seldom spend the amount of time we do when things are not going so well.  Doesn’t God deserve better for all He’s done for us?  So, the question becomes now, “If this help to develop a better relationship with God, would you be willing to have Him to keep conflict in your life so your relationship with Him will always be on point?”

In our addicted lives and even afterward we struggle still.  Perhaps we never use again but the thought of doing so remain.  Does this help to keep you in God’s hand?  It should.  I’ve learned the lesson of Paul when he asked God to remove the “thorn” in his flesh and God denied his request and replied, “My grace is sufficient.”  We should come to the same acknowledgement our troubles will remain until we have drawn our last breath and this fact should keep us on our knees until they’ve laid us in our coffin, what we’re dealing with is lifelong but God surpasses this.

So take it as being put on notice when having a difficult moment, God wants to have a meeting with you.  It should be comforting to know we have someone who knows exactly what it is we’re going through and it is being done for a purpose.  Most often the reason why it continues longer than necessary is because we won’t take the hint there’s help available, for the asking, if we would only take the time to do so.  So, turn a conflict into something positive by spending the time necessary to draw closer to Him and let Him bring the comfort you so desire.

The fruit of the spirit is Peace, and it comes only from the Father above.

Vikki Blossom