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It was a special moment shared between two persons for the first time.  The embracing, touching and drawing closer together, of two souls, who decide to put away all issues and find comfort within each other, transcending everything called a problem.  Inspiring and desiring to know this is just the beginning of all good things.  What I experienced could never be found in a crack-house no matter how good I felt when high.  Although the feelings are closely related one is based upon truth and can further grow into something wonderful whereas the other leads only to death of first, sensibilities, and then life itself!

If you are addicted you know the desire to feel the closeness of another person.  You use the drug as a means to have a so-called moment of intimacy which can never be so called.  You see, intimacy can only occur when you are in your right mind, with the right person, at the right moment.  Anything short of this is not real but a resemblance and so unfulfilled, and, like the drug you continue using thinking maybe the next one, the next one, the next one…  When you’ve decided to choose clean-living it’s never the next one but “the right one” you can love and appreciate.

If I should die today I can go having achieved an intimate moment where God was a part of the experience.  There is no shame or guilt when you do what you know is right.  I cannot share with you anymore than this because it was an intimate moment between me and mine.  You, too, can have this happen if you are willing to let go of yourself because having an intimate moment is when you give yourself.  There can be no giving if you are under the influence because then it’s all about taking.

The touch of someone in love, is actually the touch of God.