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About ten days ago (written in 2009) when it appeared a relationship was imminent in my life, I prayed asking God to teach me about relationships after having gone through failed ones and didn’t want to repeat my past.  In just these short days I went through the joy of receiving, the disappointment of adjustment, the reconciliation of issues and then loss and mourning!  What I thought would perhaps take the remainder of my life, and it could very well be, I received a crash course and learned a great many lessons.  Perhaps the greater lesson learned was:  I am a man and not God.

God has the ability to sustain relationships through very dark periods because He knows the beginning to the end.  He is aware of what will happen and this is where we fall short.  We cannot look to each other and we certainly cannot look to ourselves to find what only God can and will give you to help you through those dark times because they’re purposely placed to draw you closer to Him.  We must remember this.  Those dark and hard experiences we must go through are placed proportionately to how we are to grow closer to God.  This is how He teaches us about relationships because the ultimate relationship is not between husband and wife, child or friend.  It is between man and God.

I asked God to save me from drugs and He did it.  I asked God to teach me about relationships and my focus became mostly on a woman, but God all along was teaching me my focus should have been on Him.  Doesn’t He say to seek Him first and everything else will be added?  Why do we continue persisting in getting this wrong?  Thankfully, God offers opportunities to use the lessons we’ve learned so we can see our own growth.  What is your prayer today?  Be careful!

We never get what we expect from God!  And we need to be thankful for this.  It’s always more than what we could have imagined.