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We want it now!  We want to have achieved clean-living for a long time and we want that time to be now.  We desire to have a better relationship and we want it to happen now.  We want, we want and we want it NOW!  This is a problem for us all.  We are so impatient for what we want and believe we deserve and we cannot understand when it is not given to us in the time which would do us the most good.  God DOES NOT hurry His blessing to us knowing we’d only waste it so He prepares us to receive what we’ll treasure, but this will take TIME.

Someone once asked me, “Bro. Roy, why don’t you put too much emphasis on your birthday?” and I shared with them it is because I had nothing to do with it and since we were meant to live forever, and will, it just doesn’t make sense to celebrate my 2,397,289,193,198…get my point?  God doesn’t reckon in time and we should stop doing so because after all, what would be the point?  Whatever we are to receive from Him, will come, after we’ve been prepared to receive it.

My friend, don’t put yourself into a frenzy wondering when things will get better.  They will.  Stop worrying about the time it is taking before you get that job.  You will.  Stop worrying about if a good relationship with your family, child or spouse will ever take place.  It will.  It just won’t happen in the time you think it should, but it is well on the way of happening.  One belief I try to practice and I will share with you: live your life as already having received your blessing and then you’ll come to realize you had it all along!

The time you are taking to worry is the time you are losing to receive a blessing.