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Last night, it came as a thought.  God spoke to me, telling me He doesn’t want me to do something which disturbs the relationship between us.  It, the thought, came without questioning whether it was a word from Him, because I know what I’ve been doing does present a problem, a break, if you will, between Him and me.

When the new day dawn and I was able to be up and about, and the behavior God spoke to me earlier rose within me.  I began doing what He told me not to do and when in a moment of clear-mindedness, I was able to pull away, for a moment, to begin to do what is positive I read yesterday’s devotion, as I was editing this book.  I came away with the belief, what I was doing was causing God pain.  I love Him, so why would I want to do this?  He’s shared with me His feelings, which are now a part of my own.  So, I stopped the activity.

I then came to this day and found it was a repeat of yesterday.  In other words, it was giving me an opportunity to write something for today which was based on yesterday, although the writing would be about four years apart!

That’s the wonderfulness of God.  What may seem like years is only a day, and what seems like a day, could be years, but the one thing consistent is God and what He tells us.  He never changes, no matter the times.

Whatever God tells us, is worth listening.