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Whether you are an addict, recovering addict, recovered addict, family or friend of an addict, or involved with an addict but not considered family or friend, there is one consistent thread which seems to run through each of us and this is:  Pain.  There is nothing so uncomfortable which causes irrational behavior as unresolved pain.  Pain is the core of all of our problems and we need to recognize this and find healing so we may move forward and have a productive life, even if it means leaving pain in the form of a person, if this is the cause of our pain.

Yet, I am conflicted.  I experienced two telephone calls from a loved one which resulted in painful endings; however, on the third attempt the call was filled with affirmative statements and laughter.  The original pain was wiped away and replaced with a soothing balm as a result of patience, love and understanding but more so from a willingness to honor a commitment.  I could have chosen to safeguard my feelings and emotions and not been made vulnerable for the third call, by holding onto the pain which would have prevented the eventual pleasant call to follow.  Only one question was asked and answered after the second call: What would God do?  Answering the question properly allowed me to experience happiness.

No one can determine what you need to do regarding any matter which is causing pain in your life.  No one knows the deeper issue of relationship between you and the person causing you pain, but I know this, God is fully is aware of what you are going through and just as I took time to listen to Him offer me an opportunity to be like Him or remain as myself, I was able to make a choice which provided relief from the pain.  Pain is a given but remaining in pain is a choice.  This is the solution to pain; exercising our choice as to how we will handle it.

When we are having a moment of pain, it becomes necessary to remember, it should only be a painful moment—not life.