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Yesterday, I mentioned choosing relationship over death.  When you have come through the addiction stage, because you will, then and only then you begin to have choices.  Let me re-emphasize this:  When you are in addiction your choices have been taken away.  That’s why it’s called “addiction”.  Unless God creates circumstances providentially and you are willing to accept then He moves people, places and things into your path to provide healing.  So, in choosing a relationship yesterday, I immediately became frustrated interacting with her which made me rethink would this be best for me?  I was so disappointed and frustrated my words were misunderstood I wrote on my social networking site:  “Why must relationships be so difficult? Why do words get in the way? Why must there be hidden messages not in what is said but in how it is received?”  So, yes, for a moment I wanted to resort to a past behavior but I did not.

Today I have the ability and opportunity of choosing again.  A dear friend asked me yesterday, “When did you know you were finish and never would do drugs again?”  I had to think about it because I was never asked such.  I shared with her that as long as there is breath in my body, there will always be a chance I could fall.  This would apply with any sin.  We have no idea of the cunningness and strength of the enemy we’re dealing with.  He wants nothing else than to see us fail.  It’s really not about us.  This war is really about Christ and the devil uses us to get to Him.

So, when you have reached a level of clean-living in your life and you’re opening yourself to consider having a loving relationship and suddenly it goes downward, you must remember to continue looking upward because this is where your strength comes from.  This is something you are now able to choose to do and cannot use addiction as an excuse.

God is the good Shepherd who comes for His sheep.  Those who come to Him, their clean-living they will keep.

Vikki Blossom