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I am confronted by two circumstances to write today, between someone who has died recently because of addiction or of a new relationship which is developing in my life.  Christ, while choosing who would follow Him made a very poignant statement to someone who wanted time to handle a family matter, “The dead will bury the dead.”  So, I choose to encourage you today with a relationship developing in my life and not speak of the ending of life.

As a former addict considering a relationship is a very serious matter.  You are bringing someone into your sphere where much pain not only lies behind but all of the rejection others may carry toward you, and the difficulties ahead, will have to become a part of this relationship.  It is not “if” the person you will become involved with is able to handle it but are you able to carry them with a positive attitude and demeanor knowing going backward is not an option?  You have seen what an addiction has done to previous relationships and should be considered an expert, so are you willing to build a new one and cherish it?  Dark days will occur but are you able to look through the clouds and still see the sun?

You have a choice between letting your past control you and your future; or, you can allow your future be the end result of the education of your past.  Saying “good-bye” to what you have known will give you the opportunity of saying “hello” to what remains to be seen without impureness to pollute whatever good will come into your life.  We have been through a lot.  No one can say we haven’t but at the end of it all we, too, deserve happiness which can only be found in a loving relationship.  This is my time to step up to the plate to make the choice whether or not I will be a part of something wonderful or will I continue to mourn that which I have lost?  I choose life.

If anything gets buried today and stay buried, then let it be addiction and all it meant.