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The last two times I went shopping it was with a newly found friend with whom God has given me favor.  Having escorted her to the store she forbade me to pay for my own food, which was a tremendous blessing.  Today, I went alone and although my circumstances are a bit darker because I’m not receiving any income at all, as I strolled through the aisles thinking of being frugal, God was telling me, “Get what you want.  How can you believe I will bless you if you are afraid of getting what you normally would purchase?  Why not let Me shop with you today and pay for your purchases?”  In other words, God was making it clear, if I really trusted Him, then live life normally believing He will supply all of my needs.  So, I did.  I got those things I needed without holding back.

When you make the decision to come to God, you know He doesn’t hold back on doing whatever it takes to reach you and bring you into a closer relationship with Him.  Trusting Him will take form in many ways.  He will require you to go beyond what you consider your means so He can provide His means to sustain you.  If you pinch and scrutinize every penny, it means you’re not opening yourself to the wealth of God.  He cannot put anything in your pocket when you’ve closed your pocket trying to keep what little you have!

As an addict you shopped in those mean streets believing you would find the good stuff; shouldn’t you now have the same faith but exponentially increased knowing He is better than the enemy we once served?  This is not something I am speaking as a result of past experience or theory by reading a book.  This is something I am living through now which I offer you for your own encouragement.  Let’s together step out on faith and see what happens.

God sees what I need even before I can ask.  He answers so simply and finishes each task.

Vikki Blossom