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Yesterday, (written in 2009) while I sat in the pulpit waiting for my time to begin sharing, I began to cry.  When I saw my name posted on the church’s monitors as the speaker for the service, my thoughts went back to that day, twenty-five years ago, when I left the church and God.  I thought how I couldn’t see this day “then”, and all the people I met on my journey that have died on this trip, but I was blessed to be able to make it back; and seeing the people waiting upon me to receive what I have experienced, made me cry.  I couldn’t help myself.  Tears just flowed and it was quite noticeable and when they were finished, I was able to speak clearly and forcefully about what God had done for me.

Today I just finished sharing on a radio program the same message from yesterday about how God is more than capable of healing all manner of addictions.  I thought about you who I will never meet yet are somehow being directed to these words, just as a young lady called in saying she was going up the dial trying to find a Christian program and listened to my broadcast.  We never know who is being affected by any and every opportunity we have to share.  We must never take it for granted our being recovered, as we must never take it for granted we have a responsibility for the recovery of others.

I’ve learned to let go of the, “tough guy”, “New Yorker” attitude and allow myself to feel my emotions and I think wherever I might go to tell the story of my redemption, tears will flow freely.  There is an old saying, “Big boys don’t cry”; well, I’m not a big boy anymore but a man who’s able to be honest with myself, and others, and if it means having a good cry, from to time, then I will.  It’s not only tears for me but tears for those of you, too, who are still, “out there”.

It is said, the Holy Spirit collects tears. Is there a drought in the bottle with your name?