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Today is the day of beginnings.  Actually in a few hours (written in 2009) the promise God made to me which I have held onto these many years is coming to fruition.  I left the pulpit because I lost my faith and didn’t know God personally, except in theory and this was twenty-five years ago!  Today, I know Him as my personal Savior and have a message no one else can tell of what He has done for me.  When I was in Christian drug ministry for treatment in 1993, the assistant director told me, “Your time will come, but it is not now.  You must rest and get well.”  Today, in a couple of hours I will resume my rightful place, in the pulpit, but also in life as a man of God.

It doesn’t matter what you might have done and the egregiousness of your sin.  God has forgiveness for you.  It doesn’t matter what others may think of you or call you.  God calls you His, “Son” or “Daughter” and you have to go forward in this knowledge, He has called you from the life you lived, maintained your life whereas others who were with you may now be dead, but you are here to give a message no other can give but you.  If you hadn’t feared what could have happened to you while, “out there”, today is not the day to fear going forward into a beautiful and waiting life.

We each have a new mission before us.  This is the glory God deserves when we can stand in the midst of others as evidence God can heal addictions.  This is the beginning of new life, the second birth spoken by Christ when He told Nicodemus, “You must be born again.”  Today, restoration begins and the past is left only as a story to tell, not one to live again.

Beginning is not necessarily a new start, just an ending of a bad choice.