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I heard a complaint, before speaking to a congregation tomorrow; someone felt I shouldn’t be permitted to share my story because of the things I have done and the pulpit is considered sacred.  A good friend of mine had to remind this individual, “everyone” having stood behind it previously is guilty of sin!  So, in keeping with the words of Jesus, I’ve decided to bring a rock and will display it prior to my message so if anyone there is without sin, they’re free to throw it at me.

As former addicts, murderers, sex offenders, whatever may be your past you will be given an opportunity of sharing how God brought you through a very difficult time.  The purpose of it is to witness the power of God and give hope and encouragement to those who either are caught in the web of sin or know someone who is.  The more aggravating the offense the more demonstrative power of God should be recognized and He has said Himself, “The man who is ashamed to share what God has done for him, Christ will be ashamed to own you before His Father.”  I cannot be ashamed.  Not anymore.

Not everyone will accept your being welcomed back home.  There will be those who will dislike you, even hate you, not so much of what you have done to them as much as what they’ve done to themselves; however, never let this be the discouragement to make you stop.  From all we have suffered as addicts, the pain and disappointments, these future slights should only be evidence we’re on the right track.  After all, they nailed Jesus to a cross so what did you expect they’d do to those who follow Him?  Head up, shoulders back and tell the story of your life which no one else can do as well as you.  God will be smiling.

The pain and suffering addiction brought me, reminds me to be thankful, every day, I am now free.

Vikki Blossom