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While walking to the corner deli to get my favorite breakfast sandwich this thought occurred to me, “You are not alone.  I am with you and can this be enough?”  It seems of recent I’ve been dealing with many women who are lamenting the fact they are alone and miss a man.  I’m in the opposite boat because I am “alone” and I miss having a good woman in my life, too.  I miss the contact, the affection, the loving words and well, the just plain old love.  Yet God would walk with me this morning and assure me He is enough for me.

God removes people from our lives because we put too much emphasis on them to the point we are destroying ourselves and missing the pure relationship He brings.  Originally, all man needed was Him but in kindness He created a mate whereby the demonstration of His love can be magnified.  It is a wonderful gift until it gets in the way.  We allow our senses to overrule our sense!  So, sadly God permits the enemy to have his way in our lives so it will produce one purpose, yet so many seem to miss, to draw us closer to Him.  Disappointments are for that purpose only, to draw us closer to God.

In those quiet times when you’re eating alone, sleeping alone, and relaxing alone remember there is Someone who is right there who desires to spend this time with you.  He has the ability to provide comfort and companionship the opposite sex cannot come close in providing you; however, you must want this.  He loves you so dearly and desires to have a relationship with you so He can once again give you “the desires of your heart.”


To be alone and lonely are two different situations.  When you have both then you have a sad existence.