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…difficulties spring up in our lives.  Many years ago when I was living in security and as many would testify, living in the “lap of luxury”, I had an experience which would place me where I am today.  I thought I had it all.  I no longer envision any challenges ahead of me.  I was content and thought I could die and would not have missed anything more.  I was so busy looking at “me” I lost my faith in God, if I had any at all.  I challenged God to prove Himself to me, but do not touch two things: my “health” and my “wallet”.  Two years later, I would become addicted to crack cocaine!  And we know what effects this drug has on our health and our wallets.

God had to get me to a place where all those things I found comfort and security away from me.  Those things had now become my god and didn’t leave very much room for Him.  Slowly, those gods disappeared and along with it my desire to live knowing this time if I died I would die a lost man for eternity.  I began to learn the one thing I didn’t have when things went well was a Savior.  Now, I needed a Savior and I’m thankful He permitted me to go into those hardships I deal with, even today, because unless they came about, I would still be lost and wouldn’t know it.

Many wonder why God permits bad things to happen.  Well, because those bad things are invitations given to everyone to recognize there is Someone who is waiting to be invited into their lives, who can bring contentment during a storm.  Whether you’re an addict or friends and family of an addict, God only allowed this to happen in your life so you will come to realize how much He wants to save you from your pain, and many times your “self”.  Our “selves” get into the way and God need us to begin focusing on Him and not the circumstances of our lives.


Faith and hope is in each one of us.  Draw near to God for He’s the One to trust.

Vikki Blossom