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Speaking with a new friend, she mentioned having quite a bit of negativism in her life and not knowing how to let go and how it was affecting her.  Within her own diatribe was the answer when she stated, “I don’t know how to let go.”  I replied to her, unless you are able to let go of present situations you will never be able to hold onto the positive which is quite apparent in your life.  This applies to each of us.  I have held onto bitterness, anger and pain for many years toward people in my life and as a result there have been failed relationships.  I choose to let go of them—not the relationship but the negativity.

As an addict, or family and friend of an addict, the same step must be taken in order to recover, perhaps the better word is “salvage”, whatever remain from this type of relationship.  First, the addict must “let go” of whatever feeling, enjoyment regarding the addiction realizing it is not real.  Whatever you got from the first time using is it!  There isn’t a higher place to go.  Those who love addicts must “let go” of the disappointment, hurt and anxieties associated with them so you can begin to appreciate them when they’ve made the choice to come back.  One cannot “come back” if there isn’t a place, whether physical or in your heart, to “come back” to.

Whatever we’re suffering with or from, it is mostly because we don’t know how to let go of whatever it is we’re holding.  God has said to throw, the definition of the word “cast”, to throw all of our burdens to Him.  Why then do you choose to hold onto any one of them?  When you throw something, it means away from you.  Let’s begin, today, to “let go” and “throw” whatever is disturbing us to the One who can safely handle it and have a little joy in our lives.


Let go and let God.