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Today, I began this journey of life, many years ago, not knowing what lay ahead.  I’m sure when I was born my parents took great pleasure in announcing my arrival, their first born son; however, only One knew of the future pain, problems and disappointments.  Only One knew of the near death experiences, dealt by my own hand, due to drug addiction and other emotional and mental problems, and it is to that One I owe a debt of gratitude and thank Him for allowing me to be here today.

God saw this day when I tried to take my life, the first time, over eighteen years ago.  (Written in 2009.)  He saw I would have special people in my life, a wonderful ministry, and He even thought about you who would read these pages and would be blessed.  I don’t want to lose my life now because I have everything to live for despite the continual problems of everyday life.  I am also thankful for those of you who share this daily experience and it is my true desire we can grow, together, closer as friends and companions during the future dark days, for they will come.

This is my day and as a custom of ours which started, who knows where, about making wishes, this would be mine:  For each of you would find peace with those who are addicted.  For the addict to find peace and the clean-living I have experienced; and, if I had to wish something for myself, it would be…

On the day we appeared on this Earth,

God took special note of each birth.

Although so high above,

His heart was filled with such immense love,

And this child would not be just any boy,

He would be a precious gem they’d call, Roy.