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God was not far away when He saw our common enemy devised his plan to hurt us and our families by addiction.  He, the devil, brought about the circumstances which introduced you and I to our first cigarette, short nip from a bottle.  When we thought we were grown we decided to try other substances but it was really the enemy whispering into our ear, “I want to…” and made us think it was our own doing, when now we can see it was to our undoing.  Then, due to the pain, frustration, and negative thinking of how God view us, we began the spiral downward to despair, depression, and wanting to give up.  We considered how God could even love us after what we’ve done.  It’s our entire fault!

God knows differently.  He saw how you became overpowered and put a plan into place, for your life, to bring you out of this.  He knows it was not you who went out of your way to begin this.  He saw every step the enemy made to do this to you and never faulted you for your choice, because He knows you could never overpower the enemy.  However, what He has waited for you is to acknowledge this and come to Him, for strength, to get back into a life more rewarding and He’s the only one who can do this.  It is not a sponsor, a group, a meeting, or anything as tangible as this but only HIM.  He wants you to bypass the enemy’s method of “thinking” you are getting better but all along it keeps you spinning the wheel like a gerbil in a cage.

God saw it all.  He knows how it all came about and this is why He can continually stand beside us, love us, and desire us.  He knows you stepped outside of His perfect will for your life but He never left us or rejected us.  He’s been the perfect Father knowing His children.


When next you have a moment of despair, recognize your Father is right there.