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When one has come off the street and into a place to regain their lives from addiction whether it be a house of ministry, prison or program, there is so much worry about how to assimilate into society and how are you going to live.  Many have broken the law and there are consequences which will make it difficult to find employment.  Many have broken relationships which are not yet repaired, or ever will be, and to be able to rely on family and friends will not be possible.  All of your circumstances were set into place to give you this one understanding, and the sooner you learn it the better you will be:  God desires to take care of you!

I have not worked since November of 2008 (Written in 2009).  I have always worked since the age of 17 except for those times I was either in addiction or incarcerated.  It is not normal for me to not work but God has shown a side of Him which I needed to see.  Years ago, when I asked God to reveal Himself to me, and it was through drug addiction I realized I needed a “Savior” and He’s done that.  Now, although I don’t have employment, He’s proving Himself to me as being my “Provider”!  In other words, God is more than capable of taking care of those He love; and, I know He loves me.

If you find yourself in similar situations, trust Him.  He has a plan for your life which is more than you could ever imagine, but it is going to take you to go through His training program so you will learn of the benefits He has.  There’s more to life than having a half-hour lunch time, two-week’s vacation and five days of sick-time.  He has planned on your being employed, by Him, for eternity!


Change is possible for each and every one.  Pray to your Father and then change can be done.

Vikki Blossom