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If you passed someone begging and because of their situation and plea to you to give them “spare change” and in your graciousness you decide to give them a dollar, how would you feel if they took that dollar and bought a scratch-off lottery ticket and won five million dollars!  Would you be disappointed in them as much as you would be disappointed in yourself because you could have used that same dollar and now be swimming in wealth?

This is called making the sacrifice for the benefit of others.  Some of us who are able to leave the life of addiction will be required to go back and reach those we have left behind.  For some, they will never know the truth they do not have to be an addict always and you might be just the witness, the evidence it is true, addiction can end, if they want it.  You just might be the one person which can effect a change in someone’s life who will go on to become a great person and have great achievements, and it might have originated because of what you did or said to them.  Can you be satisfied with this?

This is what I face today.  Sure, there are thoughts of the possibility of returning to work for a Fortune 500 company again, making a good income, living in a big home, driving a fancy car and having wonderful clothing, but it’s over.  Those things don’t appeal to me anymore.  For me, there is a greater joy of seeing someone who has forgotten how to smile smile again because they caught the spark of hope, and if it is something I did which caused this person to achieve great things, then who has done the greater?


Change can be more than what is in someone’s pocket!  Do you have some to spare?